Who am I? 

Okay. So, last night, with Bae, we took an important decision: no more hiding. It's not while hiding that I'll earn my rights.

So, there. From now on, a :transflag: will be proudly sitting on my profile. Because, that's what I truly am.

We don't care about what people think, I think I can say we have seen way worse than some can even imagine. So, it's not a bit of toxicity that will stop me from becoming the girl I should have been from the beginning.


Who am I? 

I say "we" because without him, I couldn't even bear accepting myself as trans. He has been very supportive since the beginning. And as pan, he don't love me for the boy I was trying to be, but for the person I was, and the person I still am (in fact, I think he loves me even more).

Who am I? 

("he don't"... Lol tired Vetra is tired)

So, there.

And please, if you are transphobic, or if somehow you're "disappointed" I'm not a cute cis girl, please feel free to unfollow, I promise, you won't be missed. 😘

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If you want to reboost it, don't hesitate, at all. Seriously.

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