Just a reminder: when a website forces you to disable your adblocker when you try to see its content, leaving the page and looking for another one with more respect for its users is always the best approach.

Omg those favs and those boosts, sorry, I'm certain that my grammar was awful ;~;

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@Vetra What if it simply *requests* you in a popup, though?

I'm kind of inconsistent in my responses...if it's a website I like, I say "ok, fine, show me your ads if that helps"...but other time's I just "CLOSE! CLOSE!" and get on with my browsing.

@badrihippo Well, as long as it's simply a request, okay. But... Don't force it. Please.

@Vetra also firefox reader mode just lets you look at the main page content anyways in most cases just FYI. Don't have to give in to harassing popups etc.

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