Can we just stop seeing evil everywhere and JUST enjoy the game, please?

In one way or another, if there are PoC, trans, queers, gays, whites or anything else in a story and you think there's a problem with all that, the problem is probably not on the story's side.

As a (beginning) writer I can't help but cringe when I see things like this. People will complain if a character is a female, transgender, gay or a poc. People will also complain if a character is a white cisgender hetero male.

Can we all, you know, just... chill the duck up?

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It feels like no one can see further than the characters' appearances and/or personnalities

My question is: should we care about it, when it's just a survival, exploration game? Or an action film? Does it change *anything* to the final work?

Let the author writes what they want

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