@ankhZero j'sais pas si de qui tu parles mais c'est cute ;;;

Shitpost, vore, lewd(?) 

Transition - My Bloodwork 4 and half months on 

Transition - My Bloodwork 4 and half months on 

Transition - My Bloodwork 4 and half months on 

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I should add that Toot! for Men can also be used to SUBVERT THE PATRIARCHY:

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Wait, what is that?



Did you always want to use Toot!, but did it just not look MANLY ENOUGH?

You can now buy Toot! for Men as an in-app purchase! You're a man, you can afford it!

You will get the all-new and entirely testosterone-fuelled TACTICOOL THEME:

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Toot! v1.9.2 has been released!


This version is a smaller update that just adds creating polls and some bug fixes. OR DOES IT?

Here's what's new:

* You can now create a poll when posting a new toot.
* Fixed an issue that could make notifications stop arriving.
* Fixed clicking on links to toots.
* Fixed sharing screenshots.
* Added Toot! for Men.

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Why are Windows updates always coming when they are disrupting you the most :grr:

@Hiraelle Perso j'ai toujours détesté le cola, ça m'a vite aidé à m'en sevrer 🙃

En vrai bonne chance;;

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