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I published a new release of #Mastalab 1.64.1

What's new:

- Clicking on notifications automatically change the account and open the notification tab
- Fix an issue when the application was paused with #Peertube videos
- Fix an issue with boosted and favorited toots that were not flagged in other timelines
- Fix a crash when changing Peertube video resolutions
- Fix some crashes

Gosh I always mess up with the houndmaster, and I'm here again, at the end of the dungeon, not having used any dog treat

RT Bon, pour fêter les 90 ans de Tintin avec un éclat de rire, en espérant ne pas encourir les foudres de la société Moulinsart qui gère les droits... (source inconnue)

RT "Soldier being gay is just marketing and the LGBT are falling for it"

So is making female heroes attractive but you aren't mad about that

RT Some people want to watch the world burn.

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I published #Mastalab 1.64.0

What's new:
- Upload videos on #Peertube
- Edit data for videos
- New menu entry to find your videos
- Videos are loaded faster
- Fix an issue with the notifications tab.

RT Moi je peux pas, je supporte difficilement ce qui est médical, notamment les hôpitaux.

Mais si vous vous pouvez, foncez !
Et dans tous les cas, un RT ne coûte rien <3

Sur Twitter* je précise.

Might want to delete this automatic crosspost, here

J’ai re(re-re-…)fait un privé, ask in DMs

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Me: *Should go to sleep, as she is working tomorrow*

Me: *coughs endlessly*

Cough, at 3:00 AM: "okay, maybe I'll stop for a bit, go on, you may rest now"


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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content Show more

RT tfw you ask Twitter if they'll be taking harassment seriously in 2019

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I just turned an old pc on. It's dual booting. I got into ubuntu to see if everything works. Apart from a fsck at boot everything was fine.

Windows 10:
Updating 100%
Updating 67%
Me: sigh
Windows 10:
Your Antivirus has expired ...
Me: Uninstall the Antivirus ...
Windows: Reboot?
Me: Yes.
Windows: Blue Screen of Death.
Me: ugh
Windows: Reboots then uncancellable updates "Your computer is at risk do not turn of or disconnect or anything or things will explode.
Me: :blobugh:

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2020 : @tom79 a fini par implémenter directement un serveur web dans #Mastalab. Chaque ordiphone contenant cette application devient un nœud de la fédiverse, proposant l'ensemble des fonctionnalités de Mastodon, Pléroma, PeerTube, PixelFed (avec toutefois une fédération totalement fonctionnelle pour ce dernier)….

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