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Ce qui est génial avec les masques faciaux c'est qu'on peut bailler sans mettre la main devant sa bouche, et ne pas être jugé pour ça

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Est-ce que j'ose?

Allez, cette photo passe encore donc what the hell.

Villagers need to be struck by lightning to be transformed into witches.


There's a roof?

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I think something went wrong in that Iron Farm '^'

Chien, maladie incurable 

Mes parents ont sauvé des années plus tôt une lévrier espagnole (exploités pour la chasse). Mais là bas la leishmaniose n'est pas rare chez les chiens, et on a découvert qu'elle était porteuse genre un an après son arrivée

C'est en gros un truc incurable, qui provoque amaigrissements, lésions cutanées, insuffisances rénales etc

On lui avait donné un traitement adapté et elle avait récup une "bonne" santé, mais elle a rechuté récemment, du coup re-traitement

Et, well...

Big relief right there. It doesn't cost any lvl (at least for now)

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And now I'm scared the Netherite upgrade in the 1.16 is considered as a "repair" and isn't available on this anymore, it *might* be a good idea to test this on a world copy on the snapshot <.<

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(I'm on the very limit and can't apply any more enchants <.< it was like, 1 lvl cost away from the "Too Expensive!" thingy <.<)

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It was hard and (REALLY) expensive, but I did manage to make my ultimate sword :D

When you think about it, we're just really inefficient self-replicating machines

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Pointing contradiction on queer activism 

Queer/Feminist activists: "there's no male or female sex" Right.

- Speak about lesbian sexual health care like they had all vaginas
- Use pussies as a symbol of feminist activism

Ok so stop pretending there's no link between sex and gender for you. all of these were constructed by cis normative ideas after all.

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